How to Book a Gig

Jurassic Mark works out of The Talking Heads in Southampton. If you want to book a gig with us, it's really simple. You have two options:

1. Contact us via Facebook
2. Send us an email

We put all our gig slot availability on Facebook. If you are interested in playing, send us a message. We need to know;

1. Where you are from
2. What genre you are
3. What sort of fan base/ following you have

These three points are important as it helps us determine whereabouts on the bill you go. If you are just starting out and don't have a big fan base, we will put you on an early slot. This means you get a chance to play before people other than your own fans. As you build your fan base, the higher up the bill you will go. The aim is to have a big enough following that you can headline a show without the fear of playing to an empty venue.

If you are sending a general email, it is important you follow a few simple rules. An email which tells us nothing about you and has lots of links to lots of websites, will most likely get deleted. We receive dozens of these emails and we do not have the time to trawl through all the links trying to find out about you. Every promoter we know, will do the same. So if you want to get our attention, send us a short bio which includes the following:

1. Who you are, i.e. the name of the band
2. Who is in the band, i.e. 3, 4 or 5 piece outfit, maybe your a duet
3. What genre of music do you play? Is it original or covers?
4. Where you are based. As before, we need to know so we can put you on at the right venue
5. Do you have a fan base, i.e. are you just starting out or are you fairly established?
6. Include some reviews if you have them
7. The most important thing, a music track. Not dozens of links to Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter or any other website. We want to read about you whilst listening to your music. We don't want to be trawling through a mess of websites trying to find out what you sound like. If you must send a link, make it just one.
8. Anything else you might think we'd be interested in. Maybe if you've played a few festivals, or supported a bigger, more established band

We don't need your life story, just some basics so we can get a feel for who you are. Keeping to the above is more likely to get you a response from us (and other promoters) than two lines and a whole load of website links.

Our aim at Jurassic Mark is to try and help young musicians in any way we can. However, like most things, we can't do it on our own. We need some assistance from you as well. So if you follow the guidelines above, we will be more likely to offer you a gig than not. At the very least we will respond to your message or email.

Good Luck!!

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