Our Mission

Our mission at Jurassic Mark Promotions is to arrange and manage gigs giving new acts a platform to showcase their music and bring new music to the South Coast, putting it back on the map. We also want to help venues keep their doors open so you, the bands, have somewhere to play and showcase your music. However, in order to do this, we need your help as well.

Most of the bands we work with understand what we are trying to do. Some, unfortunately, don't. So we have put together a set of guidelines to help us help you.


1. Check with all members of the band that everyone is available to do the gig
2. If booking in advance, ensure that everyone can get off work/college/uni early in order to get to the venue in
good time for your sound check
3. Same rule applies for short notice gigs. Don't book if everyone can't get away from work/college/uni


The following excuses are not acceptable for cancelling a gig with us, especially at very short notice.

1. Can't get away from work/college/uni (see above)
2. Any minor ailment, i.e. getting a cold/sore throat/headache
3. I forgot
4. The guitarist/singer/drummer can't make it (see above)

The only acceptable reasons for pulling out of a gig is serious illness or injury of a band member or one of their family. Obviously bereavement is also an acceptable reason but hopefully none of you will ever have to use that.

It is also completely unacceptable not to show up at all. This will not be tolerated and acts who think this is acceptable behaviour will not be booked again. It is also not acceptable to turn up to a gig, play your set then leave. We expect acts to watch and support others on the bill and ask their friends and fans to do the same.

If you do have to pull out of a gig, please give us as much notice as possible. That way we have a chance to get a replacement act.


Do not book two gigs in the same town/city within a 7-10 days of each other. Why? Simple really. Many of your fans don't have the money to come and watch you play every time. And given a choice of a mid-week gig and a weekend one for instance, they will opt for the weekend. This then impacts on the mid-week gig - see 'Bringing people to a gig' below. So if you have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play two gigs in the same town close together, pick one. We would rather you turned our gig down and allowed us to book someone else who can bring people, than you play for us knowing full well that your fans will be going to the other gig.


There is a very important reason for bringing people to a gig and it is not to make us money. Music venues are expensive to run and in order to keep open they need to make money to pay their bills. And to do that, they need people in the venue to spend money over the bar. It is really that simple.

Obviously the more people who attend a gig, the better it will be. You will play in front of people who may not have seen you before and hopefully gain new fans. There is nothing worse than to play to an empty venue.

So please do your very best to sell your ticket allocation and make your night one to remember.


So, how can you help us help you? Promote your gig using all means necessary. Use Facebook, phone, carrier pigeon if you have to. We will make a poster and an event page and blog the gig on Facebook. You need to do the same. We will also put posters up at the venue to promote your gig.

It has been thrown at us that, as the event organiser, we should be the ones doing all the promoting to get people to attend a gig. In theory, this is correct if you are Green Day or The Foo Fighters. We wouldn't even need to promote the gig, it would sell itself just because of who is playing. However, if you are an unsigned, relatively unknown band whose only following are friends and family, it is very difficult to "promote" you. Very few people will come out and watch a band they don't know or haven't heard of. That is why we ask you to help us. We don't have access to your Facebook friends, you do. And, by asking everyone to support everyone else, it should be possible to increase your fan base. Do you honestly think Dave Grohl became known world wide overnight? Of course he didn't, it was through hard slog, playing crappy venues for little or no money and basically doing what you are doing. Getting out there and playing your stuff and promoting yourselves.

So, if you follow these guidelines, we should have a good working relationship. It is really nothing more than common courtesy and common sense. With us both working towards the same goal you should also have an awesome gig.

Thank you.

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